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Les Constructions 1Vie9 is the premier enhancer of spaces, providing the best renovation services in Montreal, Quebec. We harness the prowess of our certified contractors, who collectively command over a decade of honed expertise. Rooted in a profound understanding of your aspirations, we diligently channel our experience to transform your vision into a tangible reality. Every stroke of our craftsmanship will make you feel we are divergent from other general contractors in Quebec. We ensure that the essence of your unique lifestyle is captured and woven into the very fabric of your revamped space. From conception to completion, your journey with us is marked by excellence, innovation, and an artful synthesis of design and functionality that exemplifies the spirit of Montreal’s architectural narrative.

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Our mission at Les Constructions 1Vie9 is to transform houses into homes with a commitment to excellence. We tailor every detail to your desires and prioritize innovation and quality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the unrivaled leaders among general contractors in Quebec, revolutionizing the construction landscape through creativity, precision, and sustainable practices.

Renovation Services in Montreal

Renovation Services in Montreal, Quebec, find their vibrant expression through the expertise of Les Constructions 1Vie9. Our adept team brings forth the best renovation services in Montreal, Quebec, seamlessly navigating the entire spectrum from initial conceptualization to the culmination of construction. Rooted in experience and innovation, our seasoned professionals provide expert craftsmanship encompassing diverse realms – from renovations that breathe new life into spaces to transformative remodeling endeavors and the artful extension of existing structures. Throughout this creative journey, our commitment remains unwavering – to bring your dreams to life, enhance your living spaces, and usher in a new chapter of aesthetics, functionality, and elegance. We craft our best renovation services in Montreal, Quebec, by considering your aspirations and the essence of Montreal’s distinctive architectural landscape.

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Elevate your environment by entrusting our skilled artisans to renovate your space meticulously. We harmonize your style with our best renovation services in Montreal, Quebec., creating a masterpiece that reflects your unique personality, preferences, and aspirations.


Collaborate with our seasoned professionals who breathe life into your architectural visions. We are committed partners in every step of your project, from planning to completion, ensuring your construction dreams materialize into tangible, functional structures.


Embark on a journey of seamless creation with our adept construction team. With meticulous planning and precision execution, we transform blueprints into reality, constructing spaces that stand as enduring testaments to innovative design and unwavering quality.


Infuse new life into your property through our transformative remodeling services. Our adept designers and craftsmen work harmoniously to rejuvenate your spaces, enhancing aesthetics and functionality and leaving a fresh and invigorating ambiance that resonates with your lifestyle.


Maximize your living experience intelligently with our innovative extension solutions. Seamlessly blending architectural brilliance with practicality, we design and build extensions that expand your space while seamlessly integrating with the existing structure, enriching your home and lifestyle.
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Our expertise spans kitchen and bathroom remodels to complete home transformations, delivering tailor-made renovations that exceed expectations.

Our adept team, coupled with thorough planning, guarantees project milestones are met promptly, ensuring seamless progress.

Collaborating closely, we customize solutions that align with your budget, delivering exceptional results without compromising quality.

Our skilled contractors boast certifications and substantial industry expertise, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

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Drawing from over a decade of dedicated experience, we stand as unwavering allies for renovation services in Montreal, Quebec. Entrust us with your project, and embark on a journey of professionalism, reliability, and utmost satisfaction.

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We craft bespoke solutions with our renovation services in Montreal, Quebec, Expertly weaving your aspirations into tangible reality while remaining mindful of your budgetary preferences. Witness your dreams come to life with precision and personalization.


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